Pack Smarter
Pack Smarter

We live in a great place to live and dive in Akumal, Mexico. Some call it a virtual paradise and they would be right. We can spend every day on the spot poised for action, sometimes with tanks on in the water for some undersea exploration. I don’t call variety the spice of life when the one basic thing you do is so gratifying. The variety comes not from the diving or snorkeling, but from what you see under the surface. In case you don’t know about our lovely area, it is a small town on the Yucatan Peninsula about an hour’s drive from glorious Cancun. Our beaches are unsurpassed in beauty and kissed by the sun.

We are called the land of turtles, which is actually the name of Akumal in Mayan. A wealth of other marine animals are to be sighted. If nothing else, you can enjoy a spectacular bay with crystal clear waters. It is protected by a shallow bay, a secluded beach, and a nearby reef ideal for snorkeling. If peace and quiet is what you want, you have come to the right spot.

When we are out diving to our heart’s content, we carry our waterproof backpacks in a small boat so we can stop for a rest and something to eat. Thus, we needn’t go ashore unless we want to at the end of the day. After all, the town is picturesque with quaint restaurants dotting the main street. If you pack smart, you have other things you need at all times. Thus, spotting a boat full of backpacks is not an unusual site. The person who forgets one, goes hungry. Just kidding! We willingly share. We are a team out to practice our craft and have a good time. No ones’ personal needs go unmet.

Visitors abound in our part of the peninsula. There is as mentioned Akumal Bay, but also Half Moon Bay and Yalki Lagoon—the three major destination points. We are known of course for the famous divers, but also for tourist snorkeling. It is among the best in the world because sea life is rife on the reef. No one would want to miss an opportunity to see the magic that lies beneath. You can go alone or take a guided tour. But remember, you will need guidance about where to go. You can rent a glass-bottomed boat for a special treat and the snorkeling equipment comes with the deal. If you are lucky you will get to see our famous sea turtles among the corals and fish. So, get those flippers on and get ready for some fun.

If you are on your own, beware of the “fire reef” with its red coral that stings. You won’t want to touch any kind of coral at all as it dies on human contact. Respect our area and you are destined for adventure and an incredible experience. You will want to visit us again for sure.