Diving in Akumal
Diving in Akumal

Most of us started out as visitors to Akumal. We heard stories about it being a diver’s paradise. We were lured here by the promise of great dive sites, the sea life, and the Cenotes. Some of us now live here full time and others stay longer and longer every year. Some of us even make a living by being dive instructors here. It is a great place to dive. The more you dive here, the harder it is to leave. Trust us!If you don’t have your certification, Akumal is a great place to do it. With an open water diver referral, you can take the education portion at home and your dives here to complete your dive training. It is definitely worth a visit.

Akumalis a truly special place. It has the world’s second-largest barrier reef. It provides a home to all kinds of sea creatures. Most dive sites are a short boat ride from land, so you can spend more time diving and less time traveling. The reef is a great place to start your adventure. We are known for our sea turtles and if you are lucky you will see some therealong with other cool things. Be sure to give them space because it is illegal to touch the sea life. It is for their safety as much as your own. You will be required to wear biodegradable sunblock or you can wear a wetsuit to protect the turtles from chemicals.

As you get better and more experienced as a diver, Akumal also offers caverns and caves.These are called overhead environments because you cannot just swim directly up to the surface if you have any problems or run out of air. That is why you need more experience and understanding if you dive in caves or caverns. You should always go with a buddy or a dive instructor who is familiar with the area so that it is easy to find your way out again.Most dive shops and resorts will set you up with a dive instructor to help you navigate these caverns, as there are a lot of them.

The caverns and caves (called Cenotes) offer a unique diving experience. It is a beautiful and interesting underwater landscape.The Mayans thought they were the entrance to the underworld. You will find lots of interesting sights and beautiful landscapes in these underground freshwater rivers. The limestone formations are very cool to look at. In a cavern dive, you will stay within sight of the entrance at all times. If you are up for it, you can go even deeper and explore our cave system. Be careful that you are not claustrophobic! We have lines that we leave to help you find your way back out but you will need a light and a buddy to be safe.

When you get here, visit a dive shop or talk to your hotel about dive trips. Go with an experienced and certified diver as your guide and you will have an amazing time. The experience will last your whole lifetime.